Job Opportunities - for DIVESAFE GRADS!
September 20, 2017- Aquaculture company looking for divers to start ASAP. $27hr pay - food provided. Contact Heather for details -
Surface Supply & Underwater welding...
Now with the launch of the UnRestricted Surface Supply Program, Divesafe students can receive training to a max. depth of 50m. Along with other...
Offshore Diver Job Opp!
Offshore Diver - east Coast There are many job opportunities on the east coast for commercially trained divers. Call the office or if you are a...

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Not your average  classroom Photo credit goes to Maxwel Hohn/Instructor at DIVESAFE International


THIS is where WE Live and Dive.....THE OCEAN!

....JOIN US this fall!  

Courses in progress

July 31, 2017 -      Occupational/Commercial SCUBA Diver Program.   Graduated!

July 31, 2017 -      Surface Supply/Underwater Welder Diver - 30m and 50m.   full - in progress

UPcoming courses

Aug 28, 2017 - Occupational NITROX Course - full 

Oct 30, 2017 -  Occupational/Commercial SCUBA Diver Program - 3 seats available

Jan 29, 2018 -  UnRestricted Surface Supply Diver with Underwater Welding - 2 seats available   



Surface SUPPLY Diver CLASS:    This morning the students are in the classroom presenting their engineering presentations and completing exams.  This afternoon they will be back on The Kraken moving gear into our new equipment sea-can.




DIVE jobs:  2 Seafood Harvesting vessels looking for divers for end of September.  Are you interested and our grad?  Contact our office!



 NEXT course October 30th 2017  Only 3 seats left.   Enrol now so you are not dissapointed  info [at] divesafe [dot] com


Call or email for information on our fall programs.

        call for details: TOLL FREE  1-888-325 3483 or go to the "schedule" link below:

                                 check the schedule page for full course list »