Job Opportunities - for DIVESAFE GRADS!
July 25th, 2017 - Commercial Dive Supervisor - Alberta - Candidate must have DCBC Dive Supervisor certification and Occupational Divers Medical...
Surface Supply & Underwater welding...
Now with the launch of the UnRestricted Surface Supply Program, Divesafe students can receive training to a max. depth of 50m. Along with other...
Offshore Diver Job Opp!
Offshore Diver - east Coast There are many job opportunities on the east coast for commercially trained divers. Call the office or if you are a...

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Not your average  classroom Photo credit goes to Maxwel Hohn/Instructor at DIVESAFE International


THIS is where WE Live and Dive.....THE OCEAN!

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Upcoming Commercial Dive Courses  

July 24, 2017 -      Prep Week - WELCOME NEW STUDENTS!

July 31, 2017 -      Occupational/Commercial SCUBA Diver Program.   only 2 seats open

July 31, 2017 -      Surface Supply/Underwater Welder Diver - 30m and 50m.  

August 12, 2017 - Occupational 1st Aid course ( 1 day )

August 13, 2017 - Marine 1st Aid (1 day)


TODAYS Commercial DIVING LOG:  July 26, 2017 

Preparations are under way at Divesafe for the next installment of commercial dive programs. Both Occupational SCUBA and Unrestricted surface supply courses are scheduled to start July 31, 2017.   Only 3 seats left for Occupational SCUBA.  There are some incredible incentives to participate. Call or email for further details.


Meet a couple of our instructors.  In the middle is Kelly Korol - Kelly is the Director of Training and Owner of DIVESAFE International.  Basically "the captain of this ship".  He has extensive background in commercial diving having worked in everything from aquacultue, seafood harvesting, scientific, the movie industry, construction, underwater welding and more...  His passion (after diving) is teaching.  His goal is to produce the best divers!.  Responsible, highly trained commercial divers that exceed CSA standards!

The fellow on the right is Maxwel Hohn.  Superb instructor specializing in the Commercial SCUBA Training and he is responsible for the amazing photos and video you can see all over our website and social media.  He is currently on the Geoduck Survey Team.  Check our fb for the great photos he has produced.

On the left is Adrian Heal.  Adrian is our Unrestricted Surface Supply Instructor.    He has many years working as a commercial diver throughout the world.  He is responsible for not only training for the surface supply courses but also most of the equipment on our 90 ft barge.   Topside he is always busy, welding, fixing, repairing... You need it fixed, Adrian can do it!   He is a wealth of information....



Are you interested in participating in scientific research for Divers?  Give us a call and we can get you the contact info for this cool thing to do!


 NEXT course July 31st, 2017  Enrol now so you are not dissapointed  Info [at] divesafe [dot] com


Call or email for information on our fall programs.

        call for details: TOLL FREE  1-888-325 3483 or go to the "schedule" link below:

                                 check the schedule page for full course list »